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Leah Hille, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor #2061, Master Therapeutic Counsellor

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Client Membership Program

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Client Membership Program!

What's included:

Receive 20% off all sessions for an entire year

You receive a free 30 minute Guided Meditation Session

One session at 50% off the regular fee rate, for you to gift to a friend

The purpose of the Client Membership Program is to support you on your journey of healing and self-discovery. Therapeutic healing often requires multiple sessions to fully support your transformation. The Heart's Mission is proud to offer this program to help facilitate more ease on your journey towards freedom and wellness.

*The Membership Fee is refundable. If you wish to cancel your membership at any time during the year, you may do so without penalty, You would receive a refund for any portion of the Membership Fee remaining after deducting the difference from the regular fee rates.

Client Membership

Per Session Fees

Annual Fee 199.00

30 min. session 48.00

60 min. session 96.00

90 min. session 144.00