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I loved this experience, I went in with an open mind and heart & never have had a treatment like this before. Leah's personal energy is so supportive, calm, and playful. Definitely the right kind of person to lead you in activities like this. I feel light, and conscious - moreso than when I went in. I will be purchasing again, and checking with my benefits so I can see Leah again.

Kristi - December 14, 2019

Wonderfully relaxing and refreshing. Kept falling asleep during chakra work as it was so relaxing. The 60 minutes flew by so quickly. Will definitely go again!

Sherry - October 26, 2019

I give thanks to the stars aligning that me to find Heart's Mission. From the start, Leah was kind, professional and welcoming. The office is easy to find, a calm haven once you enter. Session itself was powerful and just what I needed. Whether you are looking for specific healing/body work or are curious, go for it. I look forward to my next session, and happy I found her on my path. 

Masi - September 6, 2019

I never felt so enlightened after any other session. The lightness and clarity I feel is unreal. Feel blessed to have found her. 

Giselle - August 23, 2019

It was an amazing experience and I walked away with relief from tensions that I'd had for months. Definitely recommend this!

Ava- August 12, 2019

Everything about this service is life changing if you are open and do the work. Thank you with all my heart Leah!

anonymous - August 8, 2019

Leah was great. like her technique, felt so relaxed!

Naomi Y. - July 25, 2019

leah is warm & kind with a loving touch to bring overall balance!

joelle c. - July 25, 2019

I've gone to hearts mission for Somatic energy massage as well as craniosacral therapy. Ive found the sessions profound, compassionate and extremely relaxing. Highly recommend! I'll be back for more :)

ayesha d. - July 18, 2019

It was a very relaxing holistic experience :)

Aliyah - June 6, 2019

Leah has a wonderfully calm and gentle persona and immediately makes you feel welcome. I wasn't sure what to expect but Leah explained it in such a way to make me look forward to the experience. If you are ready to dig deeper into yourself, Leah is a lovely place to start.

Adrienne B. - May 23, 2019

In just one session, Leah was able to ask the right questions that quickly identified personal issues and goals. I'd recommend taking some time out your day and letting Leah work her magic.

Natasha C. - May 9, 2019

Great experience! Would highly recommend!

Lexa - March 8, 2019

Awesome. Leah is amazing.

Carla B. - February 28, 2019

Leah is a talented energy healer an a really lovely person. I loved the Craniosacral treatment and will go back.

Alexandra J. - February 16, 2019

Leah has healing hands! I love the set up of the space too: it is really well done. I enjoy being able to choose the essential oils and feel that Leah really welcomes you into the treatment and ends the treatment very well. I definitely recommend!

Colleen - December 20, 2018

Amazing experience. It really was wonderfully healing.

Rondel R.- December 12, 2018

Leah is amazing! She is truly blessed to be in tune with what her clients need. She mixes up special aromatherapy scents to relax the body, mind and spirit.

Dal R. - December 10, 2018

Oh boy.... I've gone to many different places for many different reasons but Leah really helped to relax so much just from one session. I am definitely coming back. I rarely write reviews either but she is the best!

Hye Seon P. - December 8, 2018

Great reiki thanks

Dodge S. - December 6, 2018

Very relaxing! Leah is very gentle and skilled at massage.

Carrie W. - December 2, 2018

5/5 lovely space, very knowledgeable, and relaxing. Highly recommend trying it!

Diane T. - November 23, 2018

It brought me back to me :) I feel so relieved of tension, peaceful, calm, content and free of worry. I was well taken care of by Leah. She is magical.

Holly F. - November 21, 2018

The Somatic Energy Massage was a great experience! Leah is very caring and comforting during the treatment. I arrived with a headache and Leah was able to dissipate it quite a bit by the end of the session. Leah can give quite a deep massage, just mention if you like a lighter touch.

Thanks Leah for the session and the post care tips!

Lisa J. - November 11, 2018

It is an alternative massage for me, Leah did a good job on me, felt relaxing and healing too.

Echo N. - October 26, 2018

Leah was profound and loving, explaining, the process was new information for me.

Sylvia C. - October 12, 2018

I was not expecting any miracles and knew little about this type of therapy [Craniosacral Therapy] but was pleasantly surprised and felt wonderful during and after session with Leah.

Frances M. - August 10, 2018

It was a wonderful, relaxing experience. Leah was nice, so helpful and professional. I'm so glad I found this place and her...I'll definitely go again.

Ipek D. - August 9, 2018


Jenna S. - July 26, 2018

The room has a very relaxing atmosphere. Received from the treatment exactly what I needed. Highly recommend it!

Nathalie - May 25, 2018

Not a traditional massage but very relaxing nonetheless. She has strong hands and creates a comfortable space for letting go of tension.

Erin H. - May 8, 2018

Leah is lovely and very healing.

Elli T. - Apr 1, 2018

Excellent. More than a massage. A healing experience.

Susan Y. - Mar 5, 2018

First experience with this healing type of massage and will have a tough time going anywhere else now.

Absolutely lovely...everything about Leah and her practice!

Candice R. - Jan 18, 2018

I love Leah's aromatherapy massages. They reset my body and reenergize my spirit. I come out feeling relaxed and positive. She also recommends activities and supplements based on my personal needs, which enhance my everyday living. I highly recommend her therapies.

Nicole L. - January 8, 2018

Great experience! If you are thinking about trying any of these therapies offered, please don't hesitate.

Harpal S. - December 7, 2017

Leah is SO compassionate and gifted at what she does! LOVE her, and my sessions give me IMMEDIATE healing and a huge sense of uplift. Everything I’m needing. She gets me there so quickly, gently, and with clarity, using Way of the Heart technique. Yes yes yes !

Melinda Michael - December 6, 2017

Awesome treatments by Leah! Highly recommend everyone to see her for a good R&R session ❤️

Linda Tran - December 4, 2017

Leah was absolutely fantastic!! For personalized healing, I highly recommend The Heart's Mission Creative Therapy.

S.K. - September 25, 2017

This massage and energy work is the best I have ever had! Highly recommended.

Michell R. - September 23, 2017

Leah is lovely, informative, and thorough. I have already returned for further sessions!

Amber U. - August 20, 2017

Really enjoyed the session, I would definitely go again.

Miranda - July 7, 2017

A lovely experience from the moment you enter. The massage I had was blissful and beneficial in many ways. 

Michelle - July 5, 2017

Leah is an exceptional and gentle healer with a beautiful studio. I would highly recommend her different therapies.

Emilie - June 28, 2017

Leah was awesome, I had a great massage and the oils was a bonus.

Linda A. - June 18, 2017

Very soothing experience, with lovely aromas!

Sarah - May 11, 2017

Excellent! Very relaxed!

Liu F. - May 5, 2017

Really fantastic massage. So relaxing!

Anthony D. - April 29, 2017

Excellent Service, relaxing environment, will recommend friends to come.

Sylvia C. - April 20, 2017

Leah is fabulous - I highly recommend the 1.5hr massage!

Cheryl S. - April 8, 2017

Leah is very professional and gave me a lovely relaxing massage.

William T. - March 31, 2017

I have had the great pleasure of working with Leah many times over the years. She embodies a gentle, grounded and supportive energy that has allowed me to open, dissolve, release and renew. From her strong hands loosening my tight muscles to her powerful energy work and integrations I always know I will come out of our sessions feeling more grounded, connected and refilled. I can't recommend Leah enough!

Marika Reid Hall BA HDP, Shamanic Practitioner and Holistic Doula

- March 15, 2017

Wonderful experience.

Arne J. - March 12, 2017

In a safe and comforting environment Leah brings her deep caring heart to her work with me. From the scent of the oils I can choose to the relaxation I experience with her cranial sacral work I know my body is relaxing and healing.

I particularly love the extra's she can offer. From sacred geometry to help clear the stresses of daily life to her counselling skills. I know all of what I bring to my healing will be met with kindness and skill.

Diane, Therapist- March 10, 2017

Absolutely amazing. Leah is incredible, very friendly & welcoming, she made me feel so relaxed, calm, positive, light & positive. Am soo glad I chose to go to her, would highly recommend her and will definitely be back to her.

Shareen - February 19, 2017

Lovely relaxing session. First time trying this type of treatment.

Robyn P. - February 8, 2017

It was a very relaxing hour! The owner is very gracious and gives wonderful massage.

Janet H. - January 5, 2017

Very Relaxing and Friendly.

Lisa G. - December 28, 2016

This is the third time I've been here, and once again, I love it!

Annie - December 23,2016

No matter which treatment you choose to receive, I guarantee it will be an amazing, positive and holistic experience. I have been to many practitioner's in the past and none have even compared to what I have experienced at The Heart's Mission. Leah is an incredible healer and her extensive knowledge allows for her to take your treatment process to the next level. Whether it's your first time in a healing setting or you're a well seasoned patient I highly recommend The Heart's Mission to rejuvenate your body and renew your mind.

Mary Williams RYT - November 19, 2016

She was so gentle and calming! She really is made for this job. I was so relaxed during this treatment and continued feeling great after I got home. I definitely recommend doing this. This was my first time having this treatment and I would definitely do it again.

Annie - November 10, 2016

I was blessed to receive a couple of massages from Leah in 2015. Being that I also do massage and rarely get one it was a gift. Leah did a mixture of lymphatic and relaxation and my body was worked over in the best way possible. I felt tremendous afterwards. She has many talents this one!

Irene (Melbourne, Australia) - 2015

Leah helped me gently move through challenges with humour, creativity and authentic care.

CK - 2013

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